Jam Theme : Strength lies in Differences

Ill-Fated is a single-player narrative roguelike that takes place around a group of procedurally generated teenagers in a mysterious haunted house. Featuring 20+ scenarios, a huge amount of dialogue and choice and a trait-based success mechanic, it was made in 7 days for the Games Jobs Live Game Jam 2021.

Jam Theme : Flight

Nut Buster is a local 1-4 Player Battle Royale featuring Flying Squirrels jumping from a tree after the Golden Nut!
Created for Jamfuster 2020

Jam Theme : Repair

Platelet Panic is a twin-stick shooter where you play as a White Blood Cell protecting Platelets as they try and heal your host
Created for GGJ 2020

Jam Theme : Impossible Sports

Internashunul Space Redneck Boxingolf Champyurnship Edishun is a 2-player game where you play as rednecks trying to shotgun-blast each other into black holes.
Created at EGX 2019 as part of the Student Game Jam, which we were invited to as 1 of 8 teams nationally.