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Ill-Fated is a 7-Day Game Jam game for the Games Jobs Live Jam 2021.

Winner : Best 2D Art
Winner : Best Narrative
Nominated : Best Use of Theme

Our theme was “Strength lies in Differences”

Choose your team of intrepid Teenagers from a procedurally generated selection and make your way back out of the strange, haunted house you were dared to enter. 

Featuring more than 20 meticulously crafted scenarios to check your strengths and your wits, five different voice-over openings and a beautiful, spooky art aesthetic, Ill-Fated is a short, poignant horror game about working together – or failing.

You can watch ManlyBadassHero play our game here

Ill-Fated was Created by

Richard Stamp – Design, Additional Programming   Twitter   Website

Jake Meaker –  Programming, Bug Fixing   Twitter   Website

Kim Conway – Writing   Twitter 

Jemma Gilbert – Art   Twitter   Website

and features the voice talents of

Virtute Twitch Twitter

Hypnodisk  Twitch Twitter 

MapleSyruup9 Twitch Twitter 

DustMonkeyGames Twitch Twitter 

Background Audio “Creepy Ambience LOOP” from Unity Asset Store