Project Summary

Forgery! is a chaotic, co-operative, campaign that follows four dwarven blacksmiths who must prove themselves as successful store-owners in the face of awkward customers, terrible working conditions and their own incompetence! Team up with up to three other Dwarves locally or online, don your beard and raise your hammers proudly!

Forgery! is our major project for our final year at Falmouth University Games Academy. Started in September 2020, it is moving from Pre-Production to Production, with a final hand-in of March 2021.

The Team

NameProject RoleProfessional Link
Richard StampDesign/ProductionThis one!
Joe EvansUI/Level Design
Joe PerringWriting
Peter GordonAnimation
Paul RaucaProgramming (System)
Chloe GrilloProgramming (Networking)
Madeline BoConcept Artist
Beth DuftyCharacter Artist
Jack ShimieldEnvironment & Effects Artist

The Game

Forgery! is a frenetic 4-player co-op game in the vein of Overcooked and Catastronauts, focusing on a fantasy-setting and the creation of items. We have set ourselves apart from games within the genre by prioritising a longer gameplay loop and focusing on fewer items to create with greater intricacy.
Additionally, the ability to take/refuse orders allows the players to tweak their own level difficulty on the fly.

Within the game we have stuck to our core Design Pillars of Casual, Chaotic, Accessible and Team Based.

We have kept the level and progression requirements very low, keeping the skill ceiling as low as possible to allow for as many players as possible to enjoy the content available. Rewards for exemplary performance are planned to be accelerated unlocks of cosmetic items, ensuring higher-skilled players are rewarded for mastery without locking out any lower-skilled players from enjoying the core content.

My Role

For the Pre-Production phase of the project I have focused mainly on the role of Producer.
Working closely with Paul, our systems Programmer and Scrum Master, I’ve set work priority, helped solved blockers and populated our Confluence documentation with all team decisions as well as robust, evolving Games Design Documentation. I’ve also worked arranging Playtesting (including helping define our playtest build to keep the team on track).

In addition I’ve taken on satellite roles linked to my own passions and specialisation as they’ve occurred. I’ve built pitch decks and pitched the game to lecturers and students, sourced SFX and BGM, and maintained the teams Social Media accounts.

Current Progress

As of January 2021, we’re moving into full Production and gearing up to a new semester of demonstrations and development, focusing initially on Playtesting.

At the time of writing, we have the core gameplay loop in and finished, working online networking and a huge array of 3D artwork and UI implemented.

Project Goals

The end goal of the project is a polished vertical slice consisting of the first “World” – that being the Village and encompassing the tutorial levels and early playable game – built to as high a standard as we can make it.
With a vertical slice like this executed to a high standard, it gives the team freedom at the end of the University experience to either pursue the project for publication and further, studio-forming development or as a high-grade Portfolio piece for entering the competitive industry.