Project Type : Game Jam / Proof of Concept
Roles : Designer, Assistant Programmer
Project Type : Personal Project
Roles : Sole Developer

“Stream Quest” is a 16-bit style RPG that is entirely controlled by Chat inputs, which are in turn customisable by the host. It’s designed to allow Streamers the opportunity to engage with their community and keep them entertained during breaks, or as something they can play along with in its own right.
I am currently the sole developer of this project.

Project Type : Final Year University Project
Project Roles : Creative Lead, Producer

Forgery! is a chaotic, co-operative, campaign that follows four dwarven blacksmiths who must prove themselves as successful store-owners in the face of awkward customers, terrible working conditions and their own incompetence! Team up with up to three other Dwarves locally or online, don your beard and raise your hammers proudly!
This is our current 9-person University project, in Pre-Production.
I have taken the role of Producer/Designer for this project.